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The demands of oilfield service operations are always changing...longer horizontal depths, larger diameter tubulars, redundant & increased demands for pumping horsepower...more complexity and greater financial pressure are the new expectation. Commander Oilfield Services is ready for the challenge.

Commander is built for today's industry demands--with crews trained to the highest safety and technical standards, a commitment to customer service, and a premium fleet of high horsepower pumps- Commander is meeting the challenges of the modern oilfield.

What We Do

Commander Oilfield Services is a premium provider of high pressure pumping services for completions and production activities. We offer pumping services from 1,000HP to 2,600HP in support of coil tubing, wireline, acid and general well pumping services. Our focus on customer service, quality equipment, and safe & compliant operations, combined with our creative pumping solutions, will deliver best value for any of your oilfield requirements.

Providing primary or backup horsepower for coil tubing operations – 1,000hp pumps, or larger, with various options like mixing tubs…
Providing pumping and transport services of acid & well treatment chemicals for services ranging from routine well maintenance to high…
Pumping support for wireline services in all stages of the horizontal frac operation. Our fleet of 2,600hp pumps provide reliable…
Reliable, mobile pumping services to properly prepare the first stage, or “toe,” of the well in advance of frac operations.
Our experienced team, which possesses a broad background of oilfield services, combined with a flexible, “can do” attitude creates an…
When all that is needed is raw pumping horsepower, rental solutions are available for your needs.

Our Fleet

Our fleet is representative of our commitment to leading edge solutions. We meet the demands of the modern oilfield with US-manufactured equipment & flow iron boasting features like full data acquisition and 15,000 psi rated capabilities. We provide the most optimally rated horsepower pumps in the industry.

On board chemical hauling capacity, rock salt auger, data acquisition capable, remote controls, and stainless…
MTU engine driving SPM pumps, mixing tubs with hydraulic agitators and a climate controlled operators…
Tier 4 technology MTU engine driving SPM pumps, on board centrifugal charge pump and iron.

Our Team

Scott A. Milliren
CEO & President
Scott is an experienced and successful oilfield service executive. He entered the industry in 1991 after serving in the US Army as a Field Artillery officer concluding with the first…
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Kyle Greemon
 Proven pressure pumping leader with 11 years of operational experience. Departed college to pursue an opportunity with BJ Services. Leveraged his knowledge and field experience to rapidly move into operational…
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